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Sometimes there are certain scenarios whereby you are looking for a quick house sale. Going down the traditional route of instructing a local Manchester estate agent to manage the sale just takes too long. By the time the property has been advertised, viewings have been carried out and an offer negotiated, you’re talking a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks, and that’s if the perfect buyer is sitting there looking for your home. Add on the legal process and you could be waiting 6 to 9 months before you have the cash in your bank. 
The good news is, there’s an easier, much quicker way to sell your Manchester house quickly and it doesn’t involve estate agents or an endless stream of strangers walking through your house. Manchester Home Buyers is the answer. 

Why a quick house sale? 

There are situations where it is necessary to sell my Manchester house quickly to unlock the cash as soon as possible. For example: 
To avoid repossession 
To clear debts and resolve other financial problems 
To dispose of a property that’s inherited 
The need to move house for health or age-related reasons 
Due to a relationship break up or divorce 
Due to a change of job, location or emigration 
Due to a non-sale through the traditional estate agent route 
Whilst we buy properties at a discounted price, by the time all the fees you would have to pay through the traditional route have been factored in and deducted from an estate agent’s sale price, the payment you physically receive is very competitive. 

Who are Manchester Home Buyers? 

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Do you ask yourself, “How do I sell my house quickly?” Well, we have the answer and can help you sell your Manchester property quickly. Essentially, we buy properties throughout the Manchester area and will always offer you a competitive price. 
Whilst our offer will be between 70% and 100% of the valuation of your property, dependent on your circumstances, if you extract the fees you would be paying through the traditional estate agent route, the net payment you actually receive from the sale of your property is very close, if not more, than the value of the property. 
Our simple 4 step process to selling your Manchester property quickly is easy to follow. We use our 30+ years of selling properties in the Manchester area to get the best price in the shortest timescale. 

4 simple steps to selling your house quickly 

Manchester house selling meeting
It really is just 4 simple steps
Step 1 – from the information you send to us about your property and its location, we will review the details and market rates, we will send you your free online valuation and make you an offer in principle. 
Step 2 – if you agree with our valuation and accept our offer in principle, we will arrange a convenient time for you to visit and view your property. 
Step 3 – if required, i.e. for your mortgage lender, we will arrange for an independent valuation from local estate agents in Manchester. We will then provide a formal cash offer with the timescale that’s been agreed with you. 
Step 4 – once all the formalities have been agreed with you and you are completely happy, we will arrange to complete on the agreed date and transfer the net payment to you. 

Benefits of selling your Manchester property quickly 

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So, how do you sell a house quickly? There are some situations where you need to sell your house quickly. Selling a property with a home buyers company, like Manchester Home Buyers, is a stress-free process and can be completed in just 7 days. 
Whilst you may have to accept a discounted rate, generally 10-25% less than the market value, by the time estate fees and legal fees have been paid, the net sum you receive is very close to what you would receive via the traditional route. 
There are two ways in which cash buying companies will buy a property: 
They will source a third party, who is a cash buyer, to buy the property. In this situation, generally you will receive a higher price for your property, i.e. 90% of the market value. On average, the process will take around 4 to 8 weeks to completion. 
The company will buy the property directly. In this situation, the price you receive will be a little lower, such as 80% of market value, but the process to completion is shorter, usually 7 to 14 days. 
Generally, the sale is completed within 5 to 7 days, although it can take a little longer in some circumstances. There are no estate agents or legal fees to be paid as this is handled by the buying company. 

The drawback to selling your Manchester property quickly 

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However, there are drawbacks to selling through a quick sale and it’s not a solution for everyone. 
Don’t rely on just our valuation. It is recommended you get an independent valuation of your property. 
Sometimes the offer in principle may change once we have visited your property to evaluate it accurately 
Whilst there are no legal fees paid by the seller, the discounted rate offered incorporates the costs involved in buying your house quickly 
Don’t be afraid to negotiate 
As with estate agents having favoured solicitors or conveyancers, quick house buyer companies also have their own legal advisors which they may recommend. However, it is usually better to find your own legal adviser who will provide completely independent advice. 
If you are considering selling your Manchester property quickly for whatever reason, at Manchester Home Buyers we are always here to offer our advice. We are always professional, transparent and offer the best service to sell your house quickly and fairly. For further information on how to sell your house quickly, or to get a free online valuation, contact us today on 0161 410 0057 or email us at info@manchesterhomebuyers.co.uk. 
You may want to consider rentiing your property rather than selling. If so, our sister company DIVRSE may be able to help you with a solution.  
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