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In 2019, a poll by Yopa revealed that 40% of home owners believed that moving house was more stressful than getting divorced, having a baby or starting a new job. Roll on to 2021, a year on from the first coronavirus lockdown, and moving house is still considered to be one of the most stressful life events homeowners will go through. However, one way of reducing the stress is to make sure that your house is in its best condition to ensure you get the best price, and thereby a quick sale. 
Take on board our following tips and you will be in a great position to get the best price for your Manchester property. 

Declutter, but keep it personal 

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We can’t help it; the longer we live in our home, the more things we collect, not to mention the children’s toys that pile up. Before you put your house on the market, or contact Manchester Home Buyers for a quick sale, declutter; however, don’t go as far as removing all personality from your home. 
If you don’t have enough storage space at home, box it up and put it into a storage facility, including any bulky furniture you may have inherited. Smaller furniture exposes space, which helps people envisage what it would be like to live in your home. 
A good rule of thumb is, if you haven’t used it, played with it or are unlikely to do so in the future, bin it or recycle it. There are plenty of online websites whereby you can re-home all sorts of items that are in good condition, such as the Freecycle Network

Finish those DIY jobs 

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We’ve all got at least one DIY job that is unfinished, such as a leaky tap that you’ve got used to, or the broken door handle and even outside jobs. Get them finished and if there are any repairs that need doing – such as holes in walls, cracked tiles in the bathroom, bare patches in carpets or a doorbell that doesn’t work. 

Clean, and clean again 

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When we say clean, we don’t mean the everyday housework. We mean getting rid of limescale around taps and on shower screens, cleaning tile grout and making repairs where necessary, and using a plug unblocker to properly clean plug holes and pipes. If you have wooden floors, consider getting them waxed. Clean all the slats in wooden blinds and wash any curtains. 

Kitchen attraction 

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One of the most important rooms in the house is your kitchen, and it’s the same for any potential buyer. The kitchen can make or break a house sale. Fix the cupboard doors that don’t quite fit anymore or are hanging off due to a loose or broken hinge. 
If you have wooden kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts that are looking a little dated, consider painting them in a brighter colour and changing the handles for a more modern look. If you have the budget, opt for upgrading countertops for added value. 
Declutter the kitchen surfaces and put away anything you don’t need. Removing the breadmaker, the juicer, the smoothie maker and any other paraphernalia sitting on the kitchen sides, particularly if it is on a central island in the kitchen, and putting them away in a cupboard creates space. 

Paint the walls 

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Everyday house odours, sticky fingers and general dust and dirt collect on your internal walls. How many times have we taken a picture off the wall only to reveal a much brighter, lighter colour underneath? An easy way to make your rooms feel bigger and full of light is to give them a splash of paint. Stick to a neutral colour – not every potential buyer may like your lime green feature wall and purple skirting board! 

Don’t forget the garden 

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The outside of your house is just as important as the inside, particularly over recent months. With more and more people specifying that the outside space is one of their top five requirements, it’s worth taking the time to make sure your front and rear garden and outside space is welcoming. 
Cut back any bushes and prune trees. Jet clean patios, paths and outdoor steps as well as any patio furniture you have sitting on the terrace. Keep the grass cut, including the edges, and ensure there aren’t any weeds appearing in flower beds, in cracks in terraces and pathways, and that any outside drains are free from debris. 

First impressions count 

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They really do make a difference when selling your home. A study by The Independent Network (powered by VEKA) found that it takes people just 38 seconds to form an opinion about your home; that’s less than a minute! 
Kerb appeal is one of the most important aspects to achieving the best price for your property in Manchester. Indeed, a YouGov poll in 2019 found that clean windows with no flaking paint, and no signs of rot, came top of the list, as specified by 71% of homebuyers. Other kerb appeal aspects included: 
A roof in a good state of repair with no missing tiles 
A well-maintained front garden that is tidy and free from weeds, with trimmed hedges 
A pathway or drive without weeds or holes, and is swept of debris 
Fences and walls that are in a good state of repair, clean and no flaky paint, if painted 
An attractive, well-maintained front door that has been recently painted, or is without flaking paint, and is a colour that is appealing 
Gutters and drains that are free from debris, not leaking and not emitting a foul odour 
Invisible wheelie bins, i.e., they are not sitting at the front of the house and are hidden from the street 
Getting your house ready for sale needn’t cost a fortune; in fact, it shouldn’t cost you much at all except time and effort. Ultimately, the better the first impression, the fresher your home smells, the more welcoming it feels, and the more ready it is for your potential buyer to move in, the more likely you are to achieve the best price when selling your Manchester property. 
If you need to sell your Manchester property quickly for whatever reason, at Manchester Home Buyers we are always here to offer friendly, helpful advice. We are always professional, transparent and offer the best service to sell your house quickly and fairly. For further information on how to sell your house quickly, or to get a free online valuation, contact us today on 0161 410 0057 or email us at 
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