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When you're selling a house, the last thing on your mind is fretting over every little detail, you just want to get it done and move onto something new. But, there are still plenty of things that can be done before putting up an advertisement or letting people inside for viewings. Here's our list for 2022 to help you to attract buyers to your house: 

Freshen Up 

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Some people love to collect clutter. They may find themselves with an overflowing collection of ornaments, pictures frames and more that they don't currently need but cannot bear the thought of throwing away. When it comes time for them to sell their home it's incredibly important to be ruthless in getting rid of anything unneeded, unwanted or 
By decluttering your window sills with decorations you can bring a lot more light into the room, increasing the perception of size in your rooms. Once you've decluttered and cleaned, it's time to add some fresh touches around the house. This could be anything from adding new flowers or pot plants, to painting the front door or putting out a fresh welcome mat. Something as simple as this can make all the difference in how your home is perceived by potential buyers. 
The most important thing to remember when selling your home is that first impressions count. By taking the time to declutter, clean and freshen up your house, you'll be giving buyers the best possible impression of your home and increasing the likelihood of a successful sale. If you're interested in our clutter affects the human mind here is an excellent article by Organise My Home. 

Clean, Clean and Clean! 

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House-hunting can be an exhausting process, and the first impression you give off will determine if it's worth continuing. Spending time to clean your home of dust, dirt & grime is key before selling so that buyers know they're getting into someone else’s spotless place! Make sure all windows get cleaned thoroughly for better light reflection as well as giving walls/doors a wipe down – this makes everything look sharper without having too much work on hand when potential buyers come over for viewings. 


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With a little creativity and elbow grease, you can make your home stand out from the rest. We recommend that homeowners take on as many DIY projects they are able because this will give them peace of mind knowing those pesky repairs won't burden their future buyers with too much work after purchase. 
It’s also important to keep on top of general maintenance around the house. No one likes seeing a broken window, a door that doesn’t close properly or wonky stairs. Fixing these little things shows that you take pride in your home and will make it more appealing to buyers. 

Spruce up your interior 

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Interior design with a colour scheme that is both pleasing to the eye and provides comfort will create an environment where buyers can feel welcomed. When lighting and mirror effects are used in combination, it creates more space for people inside of your home or business as they'll have access from all angles despite being small on square footage. Try to keep the energy up in your home by adding some fun and funky elements like a bright piece of art or an interesting sculpture. These will add character to your home and make it more unique, which is always appealing to buyers. 

Now, Spruce up your Exterior 

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You can't underestimate the power of an exterior makeover! The 2019 Remodeling Report, from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) found that a simple exterior improvement like an upgraded door can increase livbility and functionality for home owners by 30%!  
Throughout all four seasons, gardens need to look their absolute best. To help with this goal it's important that you keep up on lawn care and have plants or flowers in appropriate areas according acclimatisation shifts during different times within each year- so don’t just rely upon one type for routine upkeep; instead use several different types according towards what will work most effectively at any given moment. It's also beneficial to have your home's exterior professionally power-washed every few years as it will remove any dirt, grime or other build-up that has gathered over time. This will ensure that your home looks its absolute best when potential buyers come for a viewing. 

First impressions count 

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There's a lot that goes into preparing your home for sale. However, by taking the time to declutter, clean and freshen up your house, you'll be giving buyers the best possible impression of your home and increasing the likelihood of a successful sale. 
If you need to sell your Manchester property quickly for whatever reason, at Manchester Home Buyers we are always here to offer friendly, helpful advice. We are always professional, transparent and offer the best service to sell your house quickly and fairly. For further information on how to sell your house quickly, or to get a free online valuation, contact us today on 0161 410 0057 or email us at
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